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Shop Floor Data Capture

If you need to understand your bottlenecks and improve the efficiencies of your shop floor - Ceequel® SFDC is the best in Class

Shop Floor Data Capture - Employee tracking


Shift begins, and people begin logging on to their jobs via touch screen terminals running Ceequel Shop Floor Data Capture. Some continue from the night before – it’s a single swipe for them, others are now booking on new Jobs. Jobs are presented to them based on who they are, their skill set and importance of order – that saves a lot of time. Others are informing the system that they are non-productive detailing exactly what activity they’re doing. The screens are so simple, it takes seconds.


Production Management Meeting. WIP at the click of a button, we can go through all orders on the shop floor, we know everything about them including where they are in the manufacturing process, who’s working on them, and where they are against both cost and budgets, together with an estimated time of completion. Is there any order in danger of falling behind – if so, knowing sooner than later means we can steer it in the right direction before it’s too late.


The main punch machine has gone down. Maintenance has been automatically notified by Ceequel SFDC and is calculating the loss of productivity and associated cost. The job automatically pauses and Andrew (the machinist) logs on to another job to assist Pete. Ceequel SFDC stops recording Andrews cost to the punch machine and has realigned his time and costs Pete’s Job.


The punch machine is now up and running. Andrew has logged off helping Pete and logged back on to his prime job. WIP is constantly updated. The loss of time means a job may be close to being late (we’ll need to check again at lunchtime). Pete’s job is ahead of schedule. We can reuse his time later in the day if required.


Managers begin monthly 1-2-1’s. Because Ceequel Shop Floor Data Capture obtains such granular data, KPI’s are set and reviewed each month. This includes man and machine efficiencies, actuals V standards, development planning, rewards & recognition (production bonuses).


The buzzer sounds for lunch. Pre-programmed as part of the shift rules within Ceequel Time & Attendance and connected to the Klaxons. Jobs are all paused and tools put down.


WIP report automatically distributed to a pre-defined list of recipients. Does change need to be made to any order??


The buzzer sounds to end lunch. All jobs continue instinctively where they left off. The cost of lunch is automatically removed from the cost of the job – in fact, all non-direct costs are removed giving you the exact cost of your production. When you need to compete, not knowing your exact costs can mean losing orders.


Sales call into production team, a client is on the phone chasing their job. Will it be complete in-time? Click of button and WIP immediately produced. Job found, it’s ahead of time and within budget. The customer informed and expectation managed well.


Employees log off jobs, they have a 10 minute clean time before the end of the shift. If jobs are in progress, numbers are recorded (quantity completed, reworks and scrappage), if anything untoward should happen and the employee doesn’t make it into work the next day, someone will need to know where the job is up to. Counting products part way through an order costs time and money.


End of shift


Production reports are collated automatically and emailed to a pre-defined list of recipients. Who’s done what, when, which orders, numbers, cost of production scrappage and reworks (not just employee cost but machine and facility cost too).


End of Day Production Meeting. Review of day, all managers provided with the same data. Have we got to where we wanted do we need to make changes, are we lean? The consensus is, it’s been a solid and very productive day.

Ceequel Shop Floor Data Capture enables you to Define your practices, Measure your manufacturing processes, Analyse what works, and what doesn’t and gives you total control over your Continuous Improvement Process.

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